2019 Preview Articles Discussion

2019 season preview articles have begun to hit the internet at an increasing rate and the Bros are here to give their thoughts on all of them. First, they discuss Bleacher Report’s two articles predicting the top 10 offenses and defenses of 2019. They take a break from previews for a few minutes to hold a College Football Spelling Bee between Ryan and Trey. Be sure to listen to hear Trey’s attempt at spelling “Niumatalolo”. They continue their 2019 season preview discussion with two 247Sports stories listing college football’s most irreplaceable players and the coaches most likely to win their first national championship. Next, Ryan gives his Top 5 List of the most dominant defensive players he has ever seen. The final two articles they discuss are Sports Illustrated’s five teams most likely to regress in 2019 and ESPN’s list of the top non-conference matchups. Finally, they briefly discuss the developing Bru McCoy news. Be sure to send Trey congratulations as he will be getting married this weekend!