About Us

Trey (oldest), Ryan (middle), and Michael (youngest) are three brothers who were born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised diehard Cornhusker fans. While Michael’s allegiance has tilted towards USC after his schooling, Trey and Ryan remain huge Husker fans. Today, the brothers all live in beautiful Southern California.

Here is a description of our podcast written by the reddit.com/r/cfb moderator “ExternalTangents”:

Just started before the 2017 season. Three brothers who are college football fans, all from Nebraska (though one is a USC fan), discuss the sport. Sound and production quality are very good, especially for an amateur production. They are well-prepared for their discussions and don’t shy away from using advanced stats. Their schedule during the season will be one episode per week, reviewing the past week’s noteworthy games and previewing the upcoming weekend, as well as talking about major stories and other segments.